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December 2016 14 (3)

1 molecular detection of classical swine fever virus from outbreaks in different farms in thrissur district
Author : Roshin M Reji, Surya Sankar, P.S. Reshma, N. Aiswarya, K. Krithiga, J. Keerthana, Rinsha Balan, Linju Lal, Thanksy S. Akkara and M Mini
Date : 2017-07-11 | Views :
2 relationship between level of education and monthly income of dairy farmers of north malabar region of kerala state
Author : Anil Kumar Nair, K.K. Falgunan and R. Sreya
Date : 2017-07-11 | Views :
3 proximate composition of wet brewer's spent grain
Author : V.Thavasiappan, P. Visha, K. Nanjappan, R. Ezakial Napolean, P. Selvaraj and K.A. Doraisamy
Date : 2017-07-11 | Views :