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August 2016 14 (2)

2 microanatomical studies on the testis of the emu (dromaius novaehollandiae)
Author : N. Rajendranath, T.S. Chandrasekhara Rao, D. Pramod Kumar, K.B.P. Raghavendar and V Girish Kumar
Date : 2017-02-14 | Views :
3 effect of dietary supplementation of inorganic, organic and nano zinc on serum cholesterol, sgot and sgpt levels of dual purpose chicken
Author : Siddhartha S. Pathak, K Venkata Reddy and S. Prasoon
Date : 2017-02-14 | Views :
4 characterisation of myogenin (myog) gene in native goat breeds of kerala
Author : Joan Jose, TV Aravindakshan, Elizabeth Kurian, Naicy Thomas and Siju Joseph
Date : 2017-02-14 | Views :
5 identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in toll-like receptor genes tlr2, tlr4 and tlr9 by next generation sequencing in vechur cattle
Author : R. S. Reshma, TV Aravindakshan, G. Radhika and Naicy Thomas
Date : 2017-02-14 | Views :
6 association of snp in the exon 2 of ovocalyxin-32 gene with production traits in iwn strain of white leghorn
Author : G. Greeshma, S. Sankaralingam, Leo Joseph, P Anitha and T.V. Aravindakshan
Date : 2017-02-14 | Views :