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August 2017 Vol 15 (2)

1 association of prolactin gene polymorphism with production traits in white leghorn
Author : M. Azhaguraja, S. Sankaralingam, P. Anitha, Binoj Chacko and T.V. Aravindakshan
Date : 2018-07-11 | Views :9
2 effect of dietary supplementation of arginine and glutamine on gut health in early 16 weaned large white yorkshire piglets
Author : Rishikesh Ramrao, K Ally, P. Gangadevi, K George Sherin and A.P. Usha
Date : 2018-07-11 | Views :13
3 effect of different levels of aflatoxin b1 on egg production of breeder japanese quails (coturnix coturnix japonica)
Author : T G. Soma, Binoj Chacko, P. Anitha, S. Sankaralingam and K. Ally
Date : 2018-07-11 | Views :16
4 milk fat globule size of indigenous goat breeds in kerala
Author : M.Sudarshan,A.Kannan,Justin Davis,K.Radha,K.Kamala Hasan,P.Murali Krishna
Date : 2018-07-14 | Views :2
5 comparison of management systems of captive elephants in forest camps of kerala and tamilnadu
Author : D.K.Govind,Deepak Mathew,T S Rajeev,P.T.Sooraj,K.S.Anil
Date : 2018-07-14 | Views :2